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"Yuri Dhara's teaching is a force to be reckoned with."
~ Ashlee Davis



360 Approach = Paradigm Shift

No matter where you are in life, it's possible to tap in to more happiness, ease and freedom.

Yuri invites you to create real, meaningful, and sustainable change. Her radical approach allows you to shift to a higher level of consciousness. Her goal is to help you discover the space where life flows effortlessly and is a spontaneous expression of your deepest desires.

Yuri leads you on the path of self discovery and growth, where you are present to your higher purpose and practicing the art of living with balance.

Working with Yuri means your life will transform.


"My role as a teacher is to awaken the teacher within the student."

Self-discovery = Freedom

Self-knowledge is key to growth, happiness and and finding balance:
Clear, unbiased understanding of self and the patterns in play within you is key to creating positive change.
Yuri teaches you to create stillness for self-transformation, and alongside, tap into your higher self to herald clarity. She guides you to cultivate a beautiful and strong meditation practice along with consciously exploring your emotions, thoughts and expectations. Her holistic process leads to mind-opening insights and breakthroughs that lead you towards wholeness and fulfillment, true power and meaningful success.

Yuri's teaching provides sound direction for simple, yet profound transformation. She guides you to apply your meditation practice and spirituality in a way that sets you on the path to freedom and living up to your full potential.


Yuri Dhara, Spiriual Teacher

The meaning of a spiritual practice is expansion of consciousness.
To awaken. 
To experience grace. 
Become present to your potential as a human being. 
Be aligned to your purpose and fulfill your dharma.

Dedication = Love

Yuri's life is dedicated to supporting those who wish to live with courage, wisdom, kindness and love.

Yuri also offers Donation Based and Pro Bono Programs to help empower those with no financial means but determined to creating change – women victims of abuse and domestic violence, children from orphanages or from the foster care system.....And also for those with limited finances but dedicated to serving – returning war veterans, personnel of the armed forces, fire fighters, police men & women, prison guards, special victims unit officers and detectives.
If you know anyone who needs help, or a worthy organization, please feel free to put us in touch.

She also leads workshops by donation at the Tibet House in New York City. They focus on creating deeper understanding of meditation and spirituality, helping New Yorkers learn valuable breathing and relaxation techniques and giving then practical tools that are extremely useful in everyday life.

Her lectures are deeply inspiring and equally joyful.  You are welcome to drop in the next one - pleasesubscribe and remain in the know.