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Wellbeing in the Workplace:
A 21st Century Contract










This program is designed to open your team members up to a whole new way of thinking, focus and productivity.  Uplift and advance your team, your organization - and together we change lives!.


Begin with this FREE / DONATION based workshop for your team. 
Giving and paying it forward is an integral part of Yuri's program - and an introductory workshop is her gift of love to fellow New Yorkers. If your company is based in or around New York and committed to the wellness of its employees, host this evolutionary workshop for your team members. Yuri will donate a 100% of the honorarium to The Robin Hood Foundation to help elevate fellow New Yorkers from poverty

Meditation Courses

Step 1 ››  Set up time for a free / donation based 1 hour introductory session for your employees.

Step 2 ›› Discuss your company needs, it's culture, and corporate discounts.

Step 3 ›› Cultivate a strong meditation practice and establish routines therafter.


Before you learn to meditate, it is important that you know its underlying principles.  This workshop will help your team members understand the Art & Science of Meditation and how to can garner its health, mental and emotional benefits for a more rewarding personal and professional life.

As meditation has gained popularity in modern times, it has come to mean different things to different people. An elastic expression and abstract concept, sometimes even straying from its true essence.

So, what exactly is meditation? And, how can your team and organization benefit from it?

Meditation settles the mind to a deep restful state and is immediately rejuvenating and energizing.  But its deeper benefits are far greater.  It sharpens focus, concentration and memory, improves productivity, helps manage our stress, calms the nerves, brings relief from anxiety, enhances the quality relationships and interactions, and brings greater levels of clarity and insight.

This workshop explains the fundamentals of meditation and lays the foundation for establishing a regular meditation practice. It details the whys & wherefores of meditation – what meditation really is, why meditate and how to integrate it in your busy daily routines.
Yuri will shed light on:

  • How to tap in to your inner-self to succeed and shine in your personal and professional life.
  • How meditation results in better performance and a better life.
  • How meditation helps you feel rested and calmer - and yet more energized and focused.
  • The principles of meditation as they apply to aid better health, mental clarity, concentration, enhanced productivity and confidence, emotional stability and balance.
  • Stress management and relaxation – and it’s deeper benefits to live with ease, freedom and happiness.
    + + AND ++
  • Experience a guided meditation.
  • Q&A time: Ask the questions about things you always wanted to know about meditation. Clarify doubts and get answers!

Yuri Dhara shares profound wisdom about tapping in to your inner resources – and how to have fun doing it!

What can you expect at this session?
A stimulating experience that will open you up to a whole new way of thinking, feeling, and being.
Yuri's teachings are a force to be reckoned with - expect to be motivated and inspired!

››  Get the "must know" essential truths for achieving your potential with ease.

›› Experience an amazing GUIDED MEDITATION.

›› Master a deeply relaxing and POWERFUL BREATHING TECHNIQUE to calm the mind and body that you will be able to practice by yourself anytime, anywhere.

›› Q & A: Get the answers you’ve been looking for.
Yuri will take as many questions as possible in this segment of the workshop.

Begin with a no obligation FREE / DONATION based workshop for your team! When you host this workshop, a 100% of your donation will be forwarded to robinhood.org to fight poverty in New York.


State Of Success

This program solves the toughest problem in the workplace: engagement.

The curriculum is the combination of the wisdom of Deepak Chopra, the clarity and empowerment of Sheryl Sandberg, the effectiveness of Tim Ferriss and the spirit and ingenuity of Richard Branson.

It works.


We introduce the unique tools to transform the ecosystem of your company, effortlessly turning your employees into authentic, willing ambassadors of your greatest mission.

Plus, your employees will feel as if you’ve given them a great gift.


Workplaces across America are rendered inefficient, ineffectual and with high attrition rates because they are not addressing the central need of their employees.

This program answers the need, while challenging employees to take 100% responsibility for their happiness at work. It is nothing short of transformational for workplaces as it unburdens leadership, while enriching employees experiences throughout the company.

Yes, we teach meditation, but we go far beyond the technique and tool of meditation by teaching the tenets of alignment and success.

Become a company known for its greatness.

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