"My role as a teacher is to awaken the teacher within the student."



This compelling program honors your intelligence and curiosity as a seeker

The program is designed to help take your life to a higher level.  Whether you are a beginner or looking to advance to a higher level, the course material goes beyond just the basics.  Without a doubt, it will open you up to a whole new world of insights, wisdom and growth.

Along with establishing a strong meditation practice, you also partake in knowledge and wisdom sessions that will equip you to employ meditation in your everyday life in finding what you seek.


Profound Results

The program offers you immense health, emotional, and spiritual benefits.  It's a thoughtful, holistic process that gives you sound direction to orchestrate happiness and abundance in your personal and professional life.

You receive personal guidance to effectively address issues involving your health, career, finances, relationships, and more. The program enables you to let go of unnecessary baggage and grab hold of new clarity, confidence, and focus. It facilitates expansion of consciousness and allows you find solutions, new ideas, and direction. You begin to realize and fulfill your aspirations with ease.


Life Tools

Get practical tools to bring more balance to your life. Liberate yourself from stress, anxiety, fears and worries - become present to your purpose and find flow.

Yuri Dhara's guides you to unveil the ocean of peace and happiness that lives within you. Discover the lightness of your being. Connect with your true self and find more clarity, confidence, love, creativity and expression.

You will learn to access the true power within yourself and uncover your deeper potential and purpose. The art of achieving success with effortless ease.


Ongoing Support

All program graduates are invited to periodic workshops and group meditation sessions, free of charge. Follow up participation is intended to help you strengthen your practice and continue to grow. If you need a refresher, you're welcome to relearn to meditate anytime, at NO ADDITIONAL COST!


Learn The Real Thing

In order to experience the incredible benefits of meditation, you must learn the pure technique with proper instruction. The intention of the program is to make it as simple as possible for you to grasp, so you can establish a meaningful and sustainable practice that is easy maintain and enjoy on your own.

Authentic Lineage

The meditation technique taught in this program is pure and authentic, rooted in Vedic science, a 5,000-year-old body of knowledge. The program breaks the myth of rigid rules and rituals surrounding meditation. There's no chanting, candles, incense, sitting in cross legged position, special clothing, or any such aid involved.

Easy To Learn - Ease To Practice

Contrary to popular belief, meditating comes easily, as long as you learn the right form in a structured manner. The technique doesn't require any special postures or props. It can be done sitting comfortably on a chair, couch, floor, car, bus, train, or airplane. Anytime. Anywhere.


The program is all-inclusive and doesn't influence or interfere with religious beliefs. Comparable to yoga, this secular stream is practiced by people of all cultures, faiths, races, backgrounds, and ages.