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Learn to Meditate - the Pure & Proper Way

All meditation is not created equal.
There are only a couple of ways to meditate in its true form that lead to transformation of self and meaningful change. 


Step 1  > Attend a 1.5 hr Introductory Session
Step 2 > Join a Group or Private Course



Learn the ancient meditation technique, the right way. You will cultivate a powerful, meaningful daily practice - establish routines and garner its benefits in your day-to-day life. ›› Learn more


In this inspired course, you develop a structured meditation practice and receive 1-on-1 empowering coaching and spiritual counseling. Results are nothing short of profound. ›› Learn more


Transcend the Ordinary

This powerful program offers you immense health, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Yuri Dhara shows you how to actively use the principles of meditation and enlightenment to live an extraordinary life.  A life that is harmoniously aligned with your higher purpose and happiness. A life that is indeed a true expression of yourself in all its facets — personal & professional. 


Yuri Dhara is a Meditation Expert, Self-Discovery Teacher, Conscious Success Coach.Her teaching is simple, yet profound:

"The Deeper You Go Within, The Higher You Go In Life."

Yuri works with you to help cultivate self-mastery along with a meaningful meditation practice that elevates your feeling, thinking and being. 

Together, you will do the deep work of mapping your spiritual quest, leading you to transcend stress, anxiety, worry, struggle or suffering and remake your life at a higher vibration. Each student is given the key to access their higher-self and find higher love, higher success, higher purpose, higher happiness.

No matter where you are in life, Yuri invites you to begin this amazing journey of self-discoverythe ultimate journey, the only one truly worth taking.


Yuri Dhara is based out of New York City and works with students all over the world. Yuri’s in-depth Meditation Course set you up for a strong daily practice. Her Private Program results in a paradigm shift for her students ranging from Executives, Doctors, Lawyers, Designers, Actors, Artists, Presidents and CEOs.

Yuri used to host a TV show and is prolific speaker. Her Public and Corporate Talks benefit both secular and spiritual audiences.

She also offers highly specialized Corporate Workshops – both for Wellbeing and Higher Success. Yuri worked in the Advertising and Marketing industry for many years – so she understand high-pressured work environments and works with companies to elevate employee performance, leadership skills and transform experiences in the workplace.


The Exhilarating Journey of Self-Actualization

"There is no better, or easier, way to happiness and success than spiritual alignment with yourself."

- Adam Sansiveri

"Working with Yuri opened me up to feelings of contentment and clarity that I didn’t know were even possible."

- Kim Crane

"This course proved to be a pivotal moment in my life."

- Gregg Sharkey


Are you ready?

Let go stress, anxiety, tension, struggle, pain — and rediscover your true nature: peaceful and powerful.  Yuri teaches with her student's needs in mind. Her holistic process gives you sound direction to orchestrate more balance, happiness, abundance, as much, to foster awareness of your deeper potential as a human being.

You receive personal guidance to effectively address issues involving your health, career, finances, relationships and more. You let go of unnecessary baggage and find a new level of clarity, confidence, and focus.

The immersive process facilitates expansion of consciousness and allows you find solutions, new ideas, and direction. You begin to realize your aspirations with ease.


"The journey within is an enriching experience above all.  
To simply sit in stillness and unveil the ocean of peace, happiness and love that exists within you."