Meditation is a Beautiful and Powerful Thing

Meditation has come to mean different things to different people. An elastic expression that has come to hold a plethora of concepts – sometimes even straying far from its true essence.

So, what exactly is it?

To meditate means to become conscious of the flow of thought with the objective of bringing order to random and arbitrary thoughts. It means to transcend thoughts altogether and access your true nature.  It is the tool that opens up the faculty of intuition – the state which allows you to tap into the intelligence of the universe.

It is the only time in your daily lives when you are not materially and physically attached. Free from all thought & matter, the soul is brought into awareness. This leads to a higher state of consciousness. In this state we glimpse into the infinite.



Meditation is the original art of healing.
It is dimension of pure bliss and unfathomable love.
It's ultimate goal, for those who may seek, is illumination, self-realization and enlightenment.
~Yuri Dhara