The Deeper You Within, The Higher You Go In Life


Yuri Dhara is a teacher of engaged spirituality. Her teaching is simple, yet profound:
How can we use the principles of meditation and enlightenment to live an extraordinary life. How do we build a life that is harmoniously aligned with your higher purpose and happiness. How can your life be a true expression of you in it's various facets - personal and professional. 
Yuri Dhara

Yuri works with her students to help cultivate self-mastery along with a truly meaningful meditation practice that elevates their feeling, thinking and being. 

For over a decade, she has been aiding her students in the deep work of mapping their spiritual quest in their lives, leading them to transcend struggle or suffering and remake their lives at a higher vibration. Each student is given the key to access their higher-self and find higher love, higher success, higher purpose, higher happiness.

Yes indeed, there is a way to live your life on a whole other level. No matter where you are, Yuri invites you to begin the exhilarating journey of self-discovery - the ultimate journey, the only one truly worth taking.