Two Sisters

Sarswati & Laxmi

Sarswati & Laxmi


Two Sisters

To be happy you need prosperity and peace.  It makes perfect sense. But realizing the two in equal measure is no easy feat.

In Hindu mythology, attaining this fine balance is explained with an interesting story of  two sisters – Saraswati and Laxmi. Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and Laxmi is the goddess of wealth.

Saraswati’s gift is wisdom and peace. The more learned and wise you are, the more expertise and skills you have, the more likely you are to generate wealth. Where there is knowledge, there is wealth.

Laxmi bestows prosperity. Wherever Saraswati lives, Laxmi follows her. But, oftentimes she drags along problems, insecurities and strife. She is restless by nature and does not like to stay in one place. She is capricious and comes and goes as she pleases. All of this upsets Saraswati and she tries to get away from Laxmi.  

As such, there might be abundant wealth but if there is no wisdom, you cannot enjoy it. And if there is plenty of knowledge but no wealth, it is not a great situation either! You see, one without the other does not bring happiness. They are both necessary.

So how do you get these sisters to stay with you?

Chase Saraswati and Laxmi shall chase you.

  • To truly enjoy wealth, you must cultivate a high degree of wisdom. You must continue to grow and evolve.
  • Understand the whimsical nature of money and be free with it. You cannot hoard it. Keep it flowing. You must give and receive with an open heart.

Self-work exercise

Notice where you feel a lack of knowledge, wisdom or skill. Take action to remedy it. Work hard and work with integrity. Give your all to those you work for and work with.
Invest time, energy and resources in your personal and professional growth

Notice where you feel the lack of giving. Give. Give a little more than you want to, or think you can.
Bring forth your giving nature - it opens the door to fulfillment.