Quite vs Disquiet Mind

Still vs Unstill Mind

Quite / Disquiet Mind



Quiet vs Disquiet Mind

Stand by a clear, still pond and look into it. You see your reflection.

Now throw a stone in the pond and look again.  Can you see your reflection anymore?


That is the difference between the quiet and disquiet mind.

The still water represents that clear state of mind in which you can see everything – without any delusions. You are not only able to observe the world, things and people as they are, but also know yourself. Your internal world. Your wants. Your needs. Your path.    

When you throw a stone in the water, the stillness of water is destroyed. You don’t see your reflection – just the restless ripples and waves.

That is exactly what external stimuli does to us. Our everyday interactions and experiences create waves in our mind making it unsteady, unsettled, muddy.

When the pond is muddy, you are not able to see what really lies beneath. But when it is gets calm, the impurities settle down and you can see its depths.

In order to see into the depth of your highest potential, the commotion in the mind must be silenced...

Meditation quiets the ‘chitta’ – the mind chatter, the monkey mind. As the waves in the mind settle, confusion is erased. Your direction and path becomes clear. Decision making abilities are strengthened. You are able to act upon your purpose with intention and concentration and make strides with ease, flow, happiness and love.

That is what meditation does for you.
Remember that – and continue to sit, to meditate each day!