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Dip into Bliss



Bespoke Experiences


Meditation & Mindfulness events beautifully curated for your Teams/Clients


Take a break from the rigmarole of everyday. A meaningful pause to recharge.

Still the senses and tap into the ocean of peace and tranquility within.

Experience the lightness of your being and awaken to the joy of being alive!


Rest Your Mind & Nourish Your Soul

Event Elements

CE 1

Gorgeous space, amazing ambience

CE 4

Ayurvedic Inspired Menu

CE 7

Healing Sound - Deep Relaxation

CE 2

Ethereal live music

CE 5

Wisdom Talks
to expand

self-awareness, compassion, empathy

CE 8

Breathwork to usher balance

CE 3

Botanical Elixirs

CE 6

Guided Meditation

CE 9

A gift, a souvenir

to remember the experience!



Event Options


2 hr Event

Meditation Studio

Wellbeing Talk - Guided Meditation
Deep Relaxation - Elixirs

5 to 15 attendees: $1500 to $2500


3 to 4 hr Event

Meditation Studio &
Private Dinning Room

Curation - Wellbeing Talk - Guided Meditation
Deep Relaxation - Gift

Upto 15 attendees: $ 3,800


3 to 4 hr Event

Large Space for a Customized Experience

Curation - Wellbeing Talk - Guided Meditation
Practitioners - Musician - Gift

Upto 20 attendees: $ 10,500
21 to 40 attendees: $ 12,500
41 to 60 attendees: $ 15,500
61 to 200 attendees: Upon Request


Food & Beverage

Delectable Ayurvedic Menu

Ranges from $20 to $75 per person - depending on how elaborate you’d like the menu to be from light snacks to appetizers, elixirs, dinner and desert
(includes taxes and gratuity)


About Your Guide

Yuri Dhara is a leading Meditation Expert and Life + Leadership Coach.

She works with visionaries who want awaken to a higher state of being and transform the experience of not only their own lives, but everyone around them.

Yuri’s program results in a paradigm shift for her students ranging from Executives, Doctors, Lawyers, Designers, Actors, Artists, Presidents and CEOs. Her radical approach allows them to find more freedom within and align better with their greater purpose, vision and larger mission. To tap into higher emotional intelligence and accelerate their impact in the world.

Previously, for 7 years Yuri hosted a TV show and is prolific speaker. Her depth of knowledge is reflected in her talks that benefit both secular and spiritual audiences.

Yuri’s background is as a senior executive in the corporate world working on brands like Dell, GMC, Sotheby’s, Pepsi gives her a first hand understand of high-pressured work environments. Her work with companies elevates team performance and transforms experiences in the workplace.

For communities and companies, she teaches her flagship programs: State of Self® and State of Success®

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