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Meditation Course

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"When, through the practice of meditation, the mind ceases its restless movements, and becomes still, you realize the ultimate Reality."
~ Bhagavad Gita


In this this robust and wholesome, you will learn the pure meditation technique and the guiding principles that will take your daily practice from beginner to advanced levels!


Underlying Principles

  • The Four States of Consciousness

  • The Four Yogas

  • Purity of Mind & Spirit: What purification means. How do we purify our thoughts and actions. The role of meditation in purifying our being - its effects on the physical, mental, emotional and soul level.

Learn to Meditate & Master the Technique

  • Understating different techniques and eliminating confusion about various forms of meditations.

  • Detailed and structured instruction of meditation technique.

  • You will be able to properly meditate and complete a full 25 minute sitting at this session at the very first session


Power of Intention + Types of Happiness

  • How to keep your meditation "alive" and use it as a tool of transformation in daily life.

  • Understanding the three attributes that govern every principle in this universe. These are essential for the ‘quality’ of happiness we access. What are they and how we grow towards the highest form of happiness.

Beyond Meditation

  • Hierarchy of the Mind: Understanding the functions of the mind and learning the tool that help us reign it in to experience spiritual growth.

    Types of Knowledge + Prime Principles for Growth: There is lower and higher form of knowledge - what are these and how to walk the higher path.

Overcoming Obstacles

  • What hinders our meditation practice. What are the obstacles to our spiritual growth. What is the antidote to each of them and how we continue to overcome them.

Each session will include

  • Follow up on your daily meditations, refinement of practice, discussion on experiences during meditation.

  • Meditation sitting / Deep Guided Relaxation

Mindful exercises to enhance the learning & experience

You will be provided materials for mindful exercise that will help you an integrate your meditation practice with daily life - from the sittings into the world!

  • Intention setting

  • Self-discovery exercise

  • Vision Expansion

EXTRAS as required for each individual - may include:

  • Mantra for sleeping better and such.

  • Tools to address concerns arising from participants’ experiences and practice.

  • Deep Guided Relaxation

  • Breathing exercises to support your wellbeing.


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