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The Real Thing - The Right Way


A rich & robust course like none other


Here is a preview of the meditation course - curriculum will follow upon registration.

  • You will learn to bring yourself to a completely restful and peaceful state that infuses stability and balance.  A state that provides deep rest and recharges you increasing your focus and productivity. A sense of heightened awareness and connection with self. Stress dissolves in meditation, ushering a sense of peace and equanimity that leads to a transformed experience of the way you handle life and its challenges.

  • You will eliminate confusion about different types of meditation and learn the pure meditation technique and cultivate a self-sustaining pure practice that will serve you for the rest of your life.

  • We will dive into underlying philosophy and guiding principles that will help you establish your daily practice and take it from from beginner to advanced levels!

  • You will learn how to keep your meditation "alive" and use it as a tool of transformation in daily life.

  • To refine thought process and access a higher quality of happiness, equanimity, peace and face life’s challenges with self-empowerment.

  • To live with mindfulness and progress towards a higher state to not only benefit yourself, those you love, but also above and beyond for the impact you want to have in your community, and in this world.

Mindful exercises to enhanced the experience

You will be provided materials for mindful exercise that will help you an integrate your meditation practice with daily life - from the sittings into the world!

  • Intention setting

  • Self-discovery exercise

  • Vision Expansion


Meditation - it’s a beautiful & powerful thing


Meditation is deeply relaxing and eliminates stress and anxiety at the very outset. You will feel calm, yet energized. You will sleep better and begin to experience a deeper connection with yourself and in your relationships.

Meditation awakens the dormant powers of the mind and ushers clarity of thought – opening up potential and possibilities.

On a physical level, meditation provides deep relaxation and stress relief.
On a mental level, it sharpens your focus and memory.
On an emotional level, it is healing and empowering.

Meditation liberates your from stress, anxiety, fears and worries - and you become more present to your purpose and find flow. It unveils the ocean of peace and happiness that lives within you; connects you with your true self and you find more clarity, confidence, love, creativity and expression.

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Rooted in Truth & Wisdom

Authentic Lineage

The meditation technique taught in this course is pure and authentic, rooted in Vedic science, a 5,000-year-old body of knowledge. This program breaks the myth of rigid rules and rituals surrounding meditation. There's no chanting, candles, incense, or any such aids involved. It is simple yet pure and profound.

Easy To Learn - Ease To Practice

Contrary to popular belief, meditating is not hard when you learn the pure technique in a structured manner. It does not require any special props, or even sitting postures. It can be done sitting comfortably on a chair, couch, floor, car, bus, train, or airplane. Anytime. Anywhere.


The program is all-inclusive and doesn't influence or interfere with religious beliefs, or lack thereof. Comparable to yoga, this secular stream is practiced by people of all cultures, faiths, races, backgrounds, and ages.

Ongoing Support

All program graduates are invited to periodic workshops and group meditation sessions, free of charge. Follow up participation is intended to help you strengthen your practice and continue to grow. If you need a refresher, you're welcome to relearn to meditate anytime, at NO ADDITIONAL COST!