A game-changing workshop to recharge your team!

Giving is part of Yuri's classes. When you schedule this session for your team or group, 10% will be donated to support a worthy cause. 


How can you increase your productivity and reduce stress - while finding a finer balance?



Balance is first created in the mind. A balanced mind translates to a balanced being and a bal

Before you can find balance in your life, balance is created in the mind. A balanced, clutter free and


Get the tools to calm your mind, body and senses and recharge yourself. Better your productivity, better your life.

Get the tools that will greatly impact your life. Learn how accessing your higher nature and aligning with your true self can help you manifest a life of greater purpose and happiness.

The distinctive process of this session will help you let go of stress and leaves you feeling refreshed. Working from the inside out, it is both healing and energizing.

This lovely experience promises to lighten your stress, anxiety, worries, anger or fears– and instead, take you on a journey oftranquility. Simple in its essence, it is proven to be deeply beneficial and stabilizing.

A therapeutic fusion of hyperbolic Breath Of Life™ exercises, a short insightful & exploratory talk and guided relaxation, this session deepen perceptiveness and infuse comfort in to your demanding life.  It will help melt away the strains of your everyday regime and lighten your burdens. 

 You’ll unwind completely and emerge energized, composed, and empowered with a transformed perspective.

 Come. Relax. Renew.

Take sometime for self-care - and rejuvenate your spirit!

What can you expect at this session?
A stimulating experience that will open you up to a whole new way of thinking, feeling, and being.
Yuri's teachings are a force to be reckoned with - expect to be motivated and inspired!

››  Get the "must know" essential truths for creating ease in your life

›› Experience an amazing GUIDED MEDITATION.

›› Master a deeply relaxing and POWERFUL BREATHING TECHNIQUE to calm the mind and body that you will be able to practice by yourself anytime, anywhere.

›› Q & A: Get the answers you’ve been looking for.
Yuri will take as many questions as possible in this segment of the class.

›› Spend a meaningful Saturday morning in a lovely space with a warm atmosphere and like-minded people.

Take sometime for self-care - and rejuvenate your spirit!
Join Yuri Dhara as she guides you through relaxation techniques and shares profound wisdom about cultivating self awareness and personal power – and how to have fun doing it!

Giving is part of Yuri's workshops. When you register for this workshop, 10% will be donated to help victims of domestic violence. 


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