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Courses that go above & beyond for profound results

Art & Science Of Meditation Course

You will learn the pure meditation technique, underlying philosophy and guiding principles that will take your daily practice from beginner to advanced levels!

  • Group Course
    4 part course $200 to $ 2000 per person, based on income and affordability to accommodate all financial backgrounds. Group courses are typically held over four consecutive days or over two weekends.

  • Private:
    6 part course $3000 per person. Personalized experience to most benefit your lifestyle. Individual attention. At your own convenient schedule. Additionally includes Breath-work, Deep Relaxation and more!

  • Semi Private Individuals / Couples
    5 part course $2500 per person. Includes 3 group sessions/together as couple + 2 private sessions each to address personal needs privately.

  • Private Families of 3 or more
    5 part course $2250 per person. Includes 4 sessions as a family + 1 Private session each to address personal needs individually.

Meditation + SelfPower

A one of kind course with a holistic approach like none other - a combination of coaching and spiritual counseling (after all, spirituality is the ultimate therapy.)
Alongside the meditation course we take a deep dive within to address underlying emotions and find freedom from fears, worries, pain, struggle, stress, anxiety. Results are nothing short of profound.

  • 4 month course: Meditation Course + 12 hours Self-Exploration & Empowerment sessions - $6000

  • 6 month course: Meditation Course + 16 hours Self-Exploration & Empowerment sessions - $7500

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Meditation . SelfPower . Conscious Success

This is a Life + Leadership coaching program on steroids. Take your personal and professional life to a whole other level. Wisdom is the name of the game. Find freedom within and tap into higher emotional intelligence to accelerate your mission and impact in this world.

6 months course - Learn to Meditate + 20 hours Self-Discovery & Clarity sessions, focus on being in the flow with goals, outcomes, achievements - $8500

Deep Relaxation / Breath-work / Guided Meditation Sessions

  • 1 hr session $300

  • 6 session package - $1650

  • 10 session package - $2700