Introduction to Spiritual Living

Join us for an enlightening and enjoyable session about living with wisdom, freedom and ease with master teacher Yuri Dhara. 

2 hr  special  event  hosted  by  "Women in the City"

How do you build a life that is harmoniously aligned with who you are, your higher purpose?  How can you have more love and deeper relationships?  How do you transcend stress, anxiety, struggle or personal pain?  How can you expand your creativity and your sense of fulfillment in your personal and professional life?

There is a way. 
Yuri Dhara shows you how to actively use the principles of meditation and enlightenment to live an extraordinary life.  A life that is a true expression of yourself.  Her teaching guides you to discover your higher Self and a higher way of living. 

This session sets the foundation for the awesome journey of finding your higher self.  You will get deep insights into how being aligned within infuses ease, freedom and happiness in your being and cultivates love in your relationships.  Gain better understanding of what pure meditation is and why we truly meditate; and how to garner its health, mental and emotional benefits for a more rewarding life.

We will also explore the nature of consciousness, the meaning of life, and the spiritual solutions to the situations of health, career, finances, relationships, and more:

  • How to get rid of stress and infuse ease and joy in your demanding life
  • How to transcend struggle or suffering and access freedom
  • How to develop inner strength and cultivate love in your relationships
  • What's holding you back from realizing your higher potential and your higher joy
  • How to shift your consciousness and find what you are looking for
  • How do you align to our universal purpose
  • How to develop better focus, health, clarity of mind

You'll find this Introductory session to a special experience full of knowledge and insights. It sets the foundation for the meditation and self-enrichment courses. 

Deepen your connection to yourself, and the world.

Yuri teaches you pure techniques and tools to uplift yourself and those around you. To aid you in letting go of unnecessary baggage, the things that are not serving you well, past patterns and behaviors. And instead, find a new flow - a new level of clarity and confidence.  Her courses give you sound direction to orchestrate happiness and abundance in your life. Expansion of consciousness allows you find solutions, new ideas and direction. You begin to realize your aspirations with ease! 

About Yuri Dhara

Yuri Dhara is a teacher of engaged spirituality.
For over a decade, Yuri has been aiding her students in the deep work of mapping the spiritual quest in an individual's life, leading them to transcend suffering and remake their lives at a higher vibration. Each student is given the key to access their true nature, which is blissful and divine.

Her teaching is simple, yet profound: How can we use the principles of enlightenment to live an extraordinary life? How do we build a life that is harmoniously aligned with our universal purpose, our dharma, and thus, progresses our soul towards its ultimate goal: nirvana, freedom, liberation?  Learn more about her approach here. 


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"All that you are looking for is within you.
Find it now - for life is short."