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Come by for an enlightening introductory 1.5 hr class about the art & science of meditation + learning about living with wisdom, freedom, and ease.

You'll find this Introductory session to a special experience full of knowledge and insights. It sets the foundation for the meditation and self-enrichment courses. Come by and learn the fundamentals – what real meditation is, why meditate and how to garner its benefits in your day-to-day life.  Get great insights into how being aligned within infuses peace and happiness in your being. How to develop inner strength and cultivate love in your relationships.

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This is a matter of preference, your time convenience, and an opportunity to discuss any personal issues.

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This powerful program offers you immense health, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Yuri's holistic process gives you sound direction to orchestrate happiness and abundance in your life.

You receive personal guidance to effectively address issues involving your health, career, finances, relationships, and more. You let go of unnecessary baggage and find a new level of clarity, confidence, and focus. The process facilitates expansion of consciousness and allows you find solutions, new ideas, and direction. You begin to realize and fulfill your aspirations with ease.

All that you are looking for is within you.
Find it NOW - for life is short.