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“Yuri Dhara's teaching is a force to be reckoned with.”


~ Ashlee Davis

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Yuri Dhara is a leading meditation expert & executive coach based out of New York City.

Her teaching is simple, yet profound: How can we use the principles of enlightenment to live an extraordinary life? How do we build a life that is harmoniously aligned with our purpose and a true expression of our highest potential?

Born in India and diligently raised in the ancient teachings of the Vedanta, Yuri uses a holistic approach which includes a regime of meditation. For over a decade, Yuri has been aiding her students in their spiritual quest, leading them to transcend stress and struggle to remake their lives at a higher vibration.

Each student is given the key to access their higher self and find what Yuri calls “higher love, higher success, higher purpose, higher happiness.”

In a former role, Yuri was a television personality but found the experience of signing autographs an empty task made of no meaning. Through her 17 years in the corporate world, she got a close-up look at the widespread discontent people suffered in their jobs. Finally, after persevering through her share of the ups and downs of life, her quest for answers accelerated her own spiritual journey - and lead to the realization that there is a way to live your life on a whole other level. She became profoundly aware that through every experience – painful and happy – life had been grooming her to become a teacher. She was here to help people find a way out, put down their suffering, help them take full responsibility for their lives, hasten their awakenings, and embody their higher selves.

Yuri has also taught at a range of places including Deepak Homebase at ABC Home, The Assemblage, Tibet House, Equinox, Lulu Lemon.

“ No matter where we are in life, we can go higher.”

Yuri Dhara invites you to create real, meaningful, and sustainable change. Her radical approach allows you to shift to a higher level of consciousness. Her goal is to help you discover the space where life flows effortlessly and is a spontaneous expression of your deepest desires.

Working with Yuri means your life will transform.

“ My role as a teacher is to awaken the teacher within you."

Yuri pronounces that Self-knowledge is key to growth, happiness, finding flow. She guides you on the higher path of self-discovery and self-power, where you are present to your higher purpose and practicing the art of living with balance.

Her talks and events are deeply inspiring and equally joyful. To remain in the know, please subscribe here.

You are lovingly invited.

“ We are blessed to have the opportunity to serve, to give."

Yuri's life is dedicated to supporting those who wish to live with courage, wisdom, kindness and love.

Alongside her coaching program, she also offers Donation Based and Pro Bono Programs to help empower those with no financial means but determined to creating change – women victims of abuse and domestic violence, children from orphanages or from the foster care system.....And also for those with limited finances but dedicated to serving – war veterans, fire fighters, prison guards, special victims unit officers.

If you know anyone who needs help, or a worthy organization, please feel free to put us in touch. 

“ The goal is expansion of consciousness.
To awaken. 
To experience grace. 
Become present to your potential as a human being. 
Be aligned to your purpose and fulfill your dharma.”