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Workplace Wellbeing & Wisdom: A 21st Century Understanding


The key to success at the work place now is so much more than qualifications, competence or experience. It greatly depends on well-being – physical, mental, emotional.

Wellbeing ushers balance and allows you to bring forth your best. It brings clarity of thought, aligning you with your purpose and driving you to achieve. You have better focus, make sound decisions and become highly effective in your positions.

Wisdom evolves your thinking and leads you to be more open. It heralds easy communication and flow of ideas. You have positive inter-personal relationships with co-workers and accomplish more. All ingredients that bring happiness and fulfillment at work.


Mind . Soul . Work

The state of each individual in the company must be elevated in order to accelerate collective growth.

Unleash potential across levels


Yuri Dhara combines mindfulness, meditation & deepest wisdom for excellence

She introduces unique tools that bring you and your team to inner calm, mental equilibrium and emotional freedom. Yuri shows you how to grow to greater self-awareness, purpose, creativity and take happiness and work ethic to new heights.

Yuri works with Teams, Managers and C-Suite Executives, leading to enhanced performance, management and leadership skills.