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Workplace Wellbeing & Wisdom:
A 21st Century Understanding


Wellbeing is a measurement of how effective we will be in our positions and how we integrate with our co-workers. Wisdom determines conduct, interpersonal relationships, fulfillment at work and is the paramount factor for happiness, fulfillment and growth.

It is this intellectual, social, emotional, physical alignment that allows us to move with assuredness and effectiveness.

Bringing wellbeing acuity into the workplace allows for individuals to re-center themselves in their positions with authenticity and teams to work in alignment with their larger missions.

Yuri Dhara combines meditation and deepest wisdom for excellence and introduces unique tools that take happiness and work ethic to new heights.

Her powerful work with individuals and teams spans across health dimensions — physical, emotional, and mental. The aim is to elevate state of each individual accelerating collective growth and results.





Above & Beyond

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Conscious Leadership & Higher Success

Yuri Dhara has a track record of accelerating personal transformation, unlocking initiative, performance and leadership for C-Suite Executives, Creatives, Managers, Teams


Tap into
Inner Resources



Yuri Dhara's holistic & integrated approach offers companies a way of unleashing potential across all levels

Yuri shows you how to:

•Drastically improve mental agility & productivity.

•Sharpen cognition, concentration, focus.

•Become centered amidst highly stressful situations.

•Be more aligned within and embody your best self.

•Usher ease in your conduct and actions.

•Transcend everyday noise, heightening purpose and results and fulfillment.


This program:

•Teaches life skills for the work environment.

•Harmonizes the personal with the professional.

•Introduces paramount path for work-life balance.

•Promises to be an exhilarating experience for participants.

•Heralds the shift necessary for you / your company to reach its highest goals.

A Higher Happier Career Awaits!

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