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Achieving with Ease


Achieving with Ease

Starting something new for your personal growth is exciting. But sticking with it can be challenging. Work and life commitments take priority, and your own goals begin to slip away.

How can you accomplish your goals with ease?
What's most important is not the task itself – but WHY you are doing that task. Find clarity on that. Enumerate your reasons. Be sure it is something that is coming from your core desires, NOT driven by external dictation.
Goals are a good thing. Taking on too many goals at the same time – not so much. Pick one thing. Only ONE. Give yourself to it - completely and wholly. Devote deep focus to that goal for 21 days. Continue for 90 days. You’ll be amazed how much you accomplish.
Research supports that you need 21 days to cultivate a habit. Give it 66 days and the hard wiring in your brain is changed.
Proceed with kindness. The task is the same - you can do it by being hard on yourself, or from a loving place. Be kind to yourself. Cultivate self love. Results take time. Practice patience it's a spiritual quality.
Follow the path of freedom. When overwhelmed, step away from the task and regain perspective. Step into strength and fearlessness. Give your task some love. Detach from expectations. Don’t judge the results. And yes, enjoy the ride.
Know the ultimate goal. The goal is always, always, always happiness. If the rewards are not in the journey, there aren't going to be any at the end of it either. Remember that.


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As you go about your activities, observe and reflect:
What are the core desires driving my actions?
Are my actions aligned with how I see myself?  Are they leading to who I am as a human being - and what I want to be in this world?

“Start by doing what’s necessary. Then, do what’s possible. And suddenly, you're doing the impossible!"  Saint Francis