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Create the Life You Deserve



Masterclasses for Your Soul


This Compelling Program Honors Your Intelligence & Your Dreams

Yuri Dhara's coursework is designed to help take your life to a higher level.  Without a doubt, this program will open you up to a whole new world of insights, wisdom and growth.

Its thoughtful, holistic process gives you sound direction to orchestrate  happiness and abundance in your personal and professional life.

You receive personal guidance to effectively address issues involving your well-being, career, relationships, and more. The program enables you to let go of unnecessary baggage and grab hold of new clarity, confidence, and focus.

The process facilitates expansion of consciousness and allows you find solutions, new ideas, and direction.

Whatever you may be looking for - Love, Purpose, Peace, Happiness, Success, Clarity, there is a higher way.



Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation is not simply an exercise rest and relaxation, or feeling and sleeping a little better. That is the least of what you will get when you  learn to meditate properly and cultivate a meaningful daily meditation practice.  

Yuri Dhara's teaching does not just skim the surface. It takes you deep. 

In this robust program, you learn the ancient vedic meditation technique in a structured manner.  Alongside, you will get practical tools to bring more balance to your life, become present to your purpose and find flow!

Begin by attending Introductory Session: Private / Group:

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Purpose & Performance


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Less Stress — More Success

Less Anxiety — More Focus

Less Restless —  More Sleep

Less Tired — More Energy

Less Overwhelm — More Balance

More Peace. More Calm. More Happiness...

Grow — personally & professionally!


Life Skills-Success-Leadership Accelerator


Higher Love



Relationship Coaching 

~ Individuals & Couples ~


Love is not meant to be complicated.
Love is nurturing, fulfilling, supportive.  Love fills you with pride and happiness.

And yet, it may be illusive.

Want to know the secret guiding principles for thriving relationships?



Emotional Healing



Liberate yourself from pain and struggle. Discover the lightness of your being.  

Yuri Dhara introduces you to wisdom and  truth that will set you free. She shows you how to walk off the path of suffering and guides you to unveil the ocean of peace and happiness that lives within you.

But it does not just stop there. You will get learn to connect with your true self, access your higher potential, confidence, love, creativity, expression.....you will thrive!

There is a way clarity awaits you!


Give the Gift of Peace
To Someone You Love

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