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Relationship Coaching

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Love is not meant to be complicated.
Love is nurturing, fulfilling, supportive.  Love fills you with pride and happiness.

And yet, you may feel incomplete without a significant other. Or when someone comes along, you’re desperate to make it work. 

Or you may be struggling in your current relationship. Perhaps past relationships have taken a toll on your self esteem and views on love.

Are you single and/or broken-hearted?
- Perhaps you are coming out of a tough relationship.
- You feel alone and worry that you might not find the person that’s meant for you.
-  You worry that you minght not be interesting, desirable, worthy or good enough to find the type of person you want.
- You are smart, independent, busy, and find it challenging to fit a partner into your established routine.

Or are you in a relationship and feeling lost in it?
- There is friction and you don't know how to find flow.
- You are not feeling loved and nurtured.
- You are wondering if your current relationship is 'the one' and struggling with next steps.


Raise Your Love Vibration

Yuri Dhara shares profound wisdom with you about cultivating self awareness and developing gorgeous love and relationships

Learn the principles of higher love and wisdom that empowers you to attract the right kind of relationships, or preserve and deepen your present relationship.

Whether you’re looking to get over a past relationship, improve an existing one, or seeking anew, you will receive tools to clear the way. 

You will not only help you understand what you need in a partner, but also allow you to project energy to attract meaningful, life-changing relationships.

Secrets of Amazing Relationships

Begin with a 60 min initial consult.