Looking for love? It's all around you!

Recently I got an email from a student who was reflecting on love as Valentine’s Day rolled around. She was going through a breakup around this time last year when she sought me for guidance. Just as anyone feels at such a juncture, she felt confused, extremely anxious and  fearful of what the future might, or might not, hold for her.

It is heartwarming to hear how beautifully she has absorbed the lessons from our work together since that time, how secure she felt and how loved she realized she is!

She wrote:
“.....society has crafted the notion that being in a relationship marks some sort of success and being single somehow makes us incomplete, an unfinished work of art......

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Two Sisters

To be happy you need prosperity and peace.  It makes perfect sense. But realizing the two in equal measure is no easy feat.

In Hindu mythology, attaining this fine balance is explained with an interesting story of  two sisters – Saraswati and Laxmi. Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and Laxmi is the goddess of wealth.

Saraswati’s gift is wisdom and peace. The more learned and wise you are, the more expertise and skills you have, the more likely you are to generate wealth. Where there is knowledge, there is wealth......

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$3 and a Story

Walking to the gym on a freezing New York morning this past week, a girl standing outside a deli corner stopped me to ask for food. I went into the bodega and got her a bagel with cream cheese and coffee. By the time I came out, tears were streaming down her cheeks. It was easy to tell she had a heart-wrenching life story......

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