Looking for love? It's all around you!

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Love Is All Around You


Looking for love?  It's all around you!

Recently I got an email from a student who was reflecting on love as Valentine’s Day rolled around. She was going through a breakup around this time last year when she sought me for guidance. Just as anyone feels at such a juncture, she felt confused, extremely anxious and fearful of what the future might, or might not, hold for her.

It is heartwarming to hear how beautifully she has absorbed the lessons from our work together since that time, how secure she felt and how loved she realized she is!

She wrote:
“.....society has crafted the notion that being in a relationship marks some sort of success and being single somehow makes us incomplete, an unfinished work of art.
Being one of the only singletons among newly engaged friends didn't help me remember this. But it is crucial as the alternative of  being in a relationship that isn't working is far more detrimental than being alone.  And guess what? I am not alone. There is so much love in many parts of my life. And it's worth just as much, if not more, than romantic love. From family, friends, a stranger on the street that pays you a compliment, if you open your eyes (and your heart!) you will begin to realize how much love there is around you. And be grateful for that love. Learning to appreciate what I have rather than focusing on what I do not, has helped me feel much more fulfilled.”

And, much the bemuse of herself a year ago, she has a new boyfriend and acknowledges that this relationship would never have had a chance to work if she had been stuck about her past relationship and living in fear.

Always remember:  Love is all around you.  Notice it and be open to receiving it!

Meditation In Motion

As you sit in silence, think of everyone who loves you and be filled with their love. Send loving vibrations to everyone in your life one by one.

Repeat to yourself: I am love. I am loving. I am filled with love. My life is filled with love.

Shift from being needy of love - to being the source of love for others.