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Yuri Dhara invites you to

Transcend The Ordinary

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In this inspired course, you develop a structured daily meditation practice + receive 1-on-1 empowering coaching and spiritual counseling. Results are nothing short of profound. Learn more


Learn the pure ancient meditation technique and cultivate a powerful and meaningful daily practice. You will establish routines and garner its benefits in your everyday life. Learn more


Go Far Beyond in Your Consciousness

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"My path for something greater and the best I can be is now clearly laid out before me and I cannot wait to continue my work with Yuri."

Adam Sansiveri - Director, AllianceBernstein

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"I recommend any leader to work with Yuri - her insights, wisdom and guidance put things in immediate perspective."

Lisa Wang - CEO, Sheworx

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"Yuri Dhara's teaching is a force to be reckoned with."

Ashlee Davis - Health & Nutrition Expert


Higher Love
Higher Success
Higher Purpose
Higher Happiness

This powerful program offers you immense health, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Yuri Dhara shows you how to actively use the principles of meditation and enlightenment to live an extraordinary life.  A life that is harmoniously aligned with your higher purpose and happiness. A life that is indeed a true expression of yourself in all its facets — personal & professional. 

Yuri works with you to help cultivate self-mastery that elevates you almost immediately.  

Together, you will do the deep work of mapping your life, leading you to transcend stress, anxiety, worry, struggle or suffering and you will remake your life at a higher vibration. Each student is given the key to access their higher-self and find higher love, higher success, higher purpose, higher happiness.

Yuri does not used a standardized formula, but teaches with her student's individual needs and personality in mind. You receive personal guidance to effectively address issues involving your wellbeing, career, relationships and more. You let go of unnecessary baggage and find a new level of clarity, confidence, focus.

This immersive process facilitates expansion of consciousness and allows you find solutions, new ideas, and direction. You find flow, a new balance and begin to realize your aspirations with ease.

No matter where you are in life, Yuri invites you to begin this amazing journey of self-discovery — for it is the ultimate journey, the only one truly worth taking.


Meditation Expert
Wellbeing Consultant
Wisdom Teacher

Yuri Dhara

Yuri Dhara works with visionaries who want awaken to a higher state of being and transform the experience of not only their own lives, but everyone around them.

Her program results in a paradigm shift for her students ranging from Executives, Doctors, Lawyers, Designers, Actors, Artists, Presidents and CEOs. Her unique and radical approach allows them to find more freedom within and better align with their greater purpose, vision and larger mission. To tap into higher emotional intelligence and accelerate their impact in the world.

Previously, Yuri hosted a TV show. She is prolific speaker and her talks benefit both secular and spiritual audiences.

Yuri’s background in the corporate world working on brands like Dell, GMC, Sotheby’s, Pepsi gives her a first hand understand of high-pressured work environments. Her work with companies elevates team performance and transforms experiences in the workplace.

Yuri Dhara's depth of knowledge and desire to be of service makes her a master teacher. Based out of New York City, she works with students all over the world.

For communities and companies, she teaches her flagship program: SOS: State of Self ® / State of Success®