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Greater Success with Ease

Come, activate your inner guidance to steer in the direction of your aspirations. Shift the course of your life by finding fulfillment and happiness in your personal and professional life.

Discover the spiritual truths  that will result in big changes.  Create changes in your being to forge a life you truly love.  A life of ease and freedom, where work feels rewarding, relationships are comfortable, and everything flows.

Shape a life of fulfillment and great purpose.
Break out of the cycle of constant effort, struggle, or feeling stuck. Hone the art of achieving greater success, cultivating wonderful relationships, and infusing joy into your life.

Learn how to create a state of being where you can handle life's obstacles with strength and simplicity. Create a lifestyle that reflects your inner calmness, clarity, and courage. Live a life that is a natural expression of your unique talents and personal creativity.

This workshop will unlock your mind and get you unstuck.
You will be inspired to:

  • Attract the right job, the right people, and the right love that supports your personal growth and success.
  • Create positive outcomes by recognizing and seizing opportunities.
  • Craft your vision for 2015.
  • Liberate yourself from turbulence and build a healthy overall balance.
  • Identify your areas of non-alignment that hold you back  – and how to adjust them.
  • Discover your hidden strengths and become aware of your true potential.

Come, discover the art of achieving with effortless ease!

Are you ready?
Join Yuri Dhara as she shares profound wisdom about cultivating self awareness and personal power – and how to have fun doing it!
Get the spiritual tools that will greatly impact your life. Learn how accessing your higher nature and aligning with your true self can help you manifest a life of great purpose and happiness.

What can you expect at this workshop?
A stimulating experience that will open you up to a whole new way of thinking, feeling, and being.
Yuri's teachings are a force to be reckoned with - expect to be motivated and inspired!

››  Get the "must know" essential truths for creating effortless Success in Life+Work.

›› Experience an amazing GUIDED MEDITATION.

›› Master a deeply relaxing and POWERFUL BREATHING TECHNIQUE to calm the mind and body that you will be able to practice by yourself anytime, anywhere.

›› Q & A: Get the answers you’ve been looking for.
Yuri will take as many questions as possible in this segment of the workshop.

›› Spend a meaningful Saturday morning in a lovely space with a warm atmosphere and like-minded people.

Event Space
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This workshop is for you if:
You are looking to up your game and claim the life you so very much deserve. You have the courage to create changes in yourself to attract, and be attracted to, the right people and opportunities.

Sunday, May 3, 2015 |   11:00 am to 1:30 pm   |   Tuition: $ 149

SOLD OUT! If you are interested in participating the next time around, please leave your information here:

Giving is part of Yuri's workshops. When you register for this workshop, 10% will be donated to help victims of domestic violence. 


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